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A meetup for Elixir language enthusiasts. Whether you're just interested in seeing what it's about, or use the language in production, or even use Erlang, this meetup is for like-minded programmers together to socialise, share our ideas and projects, help each other learn, and discuss recent developments. The aim is to create a casual environment in both English and Japanese where anyone is welcome and the only requirement is an interest in Elixir! Let's see if we can get an Elixir community going in Kyoto. :-)

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Public 2019/09/03(Tue) 18:00〜

kyoto.ex MeetUp featuring Nerves

takasehideki takasehideki



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Ended 2019/06/16(Sun) 12:30〜

Nerves Training @ Kyoto

takasehideki takasehideki



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  • takasehideki
  • Adam Millerchip

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  • nagayama
  • Md
  • Carlos Pérez Gutiérrez
  • さっちゃん
  • myasu
  • Agano oasis
  • nrf1984
  • ok_came
  • sibazuke
  • linyixian
  • S-YOU
  • u3paka
  • wingcloud
  • mocamocaland
  • kunioinventor
  • piacere
  • shaga


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